Lifeline Success Stories

Real stories from real folks who came to Lifeline

Last year, Lifeline we provided services to more than 2,569 unduplicated households in our communities.

Community Action creates opportunities for success. From assistance with home heating to access to health care, food, housing, transportation, job training, and so much more, Lifeline is an outreach to the community to help lift people out of poverty. We offer the critical next steps in establishing and maintaining long-term economic stability.

The people we help are remarkable people. They take responsibility for making lasting changes in their lives, and their success stories are our success stories.

Supportive Housing 2018

In the summer of 2017, Sophia was 21 years old and a single mother to her two week old daughter. She had recently been employed at Dunkin Donuts and was struggling to get back on her feet and be able to provide for her daughter. Sophia was also enrolled at Lakeland...

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Success Story 2018: Reentry

Steve began using Lake County’s Reentry Programs in July of 2017.  Our Reentry Coordinator worked with him while he was still incarcerated through an innovative video conference program that allowed her to speak with him directly before he was released.  Steve’s...

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2018 Success Story: Rental Assistance Program

In 2018, Lifeline’s Rental Assistance Program has allowed more than 245 families and individuals to secure a safe and affordable home here in Lake County who otherwise would not have the financial means to do so.   Take, for example, Jasmine, who was involved in a...

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Success Story 2018: HCRP

Lifeline Inc.’s HCRP Program (Homeless Crisis Response Program) provides housing assistance for Lake County adults who are experiencing homelessness. This program provides assistance with security deposit, an average of three months of rent, utility deposit and/or...

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2-1-1 Lake County Success Stories 2018

211 Lake County received a telephone call from a female who was very concerned that she had a gas disconnection notice and a snow storm was on the way.  She was referred to Lifeline’s HEAP Winter Crisis Program, PIPP and HEAP as she qualified for all three programs. ...

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Supportive Housing

In October of 2015, Sabrina enrolled in Lifeline’s Supportive Housing Program. This program provides rental assistance and case management support to eligible Lake County adults who are enrolled in an accredited educational institution. Sabrina is a 37 year old single...

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Security Deposit Program

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and when those circumstances are catastrophic, one’s life can be turned upside down.  Everything can change in an instant, from the most insignificant or mundane routine, to something as devastating as losing your housing....

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HCRP Program

Kelly was referred to Lifeline for The Homeless Crisis Response Program (HCRP) by a local domestic violence shelter. The HCRP Program provides emergency housing assistance to homeless individuals and families in Lake County. HCRP provides rental assistance as well as...

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Escaping Domestic Violence

When asked if Kenna has any advice that she would like to give other individuals who are in a domestic violence situation, she replied, “Get out. Abusers will never change, you can’t save them or change them. Seek the shelters and the assistance that is available. Fight fear and believe in yourself.”

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2-1-1 Lake County Success Stories 2016

Larry, a young disabled man, contacted 2-1-1 Lake County when the weather was so bad that warming centers had been opened (around nine degrees). He stays in Mentor Headlands with friends and he has no family in the area. He has no boots and walks every day from Mentor Headlands to Lake Erie College to work and then walks home—it takes him an average of five hours to walk that distance.

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Practical Ways To Eat Better

The best class was when the instructor taught the participants about how to store fruits and vegetables so they last longer.

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Safely Biking Around Painesville

Shelia and other class participants also learned practical skills such as how to check tire pressure, adjust handles and seat height, and complete a quick safety check before using the bike each time.

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