*NEW* Volunteer Guardian Program

Lifeline, in partnership with the Lake County Probate Court, will work together to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals including those who are elderly and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues who are no longer capable of managing themselves and their life decisions.  Local volunteer guardians work with Lifeline program staff to provide caring, ethical and responsible guardianship to advocate on the individuals’ behalf.   The Lifeline Volunteer Guardian Program staff will support volunteers with various aspects of guardianship to ensure a successful relationship that put the ward’s needs at the forefront of all activities. This program does not assist family members or attorneys with the needs of their identified wards but rather those who are deemed incompetent by the Probate Court referred by appropriate third party entities.  Volunteer guardians play a vital role in the health and safety of community members who need the support of a caring person who is able to advocate for their needs.  Lifeline will accept volunteer interest inquiries by using the Guardian Interest Application below.

Questions related to applying for guardianship can be directed to the Lake County Probate Court at 440-350-2626.

Guardian Interest Application

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

Lifeline will provide tax preparation assistance for the community.  This program, in partnership with the IRS, will allow low income households to participate in free tax preparation sessions with certified tax preparation volunteers in hopes of increasing the amount of tax returns they qualify for and receive. Applicants must live in Lake County and meet program income eligibility.

Supportive Housing Program

This program will help low-income residents make strides in self-sufficiency while providing a supported housing component. Customers will apply and interview for this 18-24 month program. If accepted and enrolled, the customers will be eligible for partial rental subsidy for up to 24 months, in addition to added support services, including financial assistance for transportation, job training or school expenses and other goal-related costs. In return, the customer will agree to attend basic skills classes and one on one budget counseling sessions and participate in an educational or job training program. They’ll also work with Lifeline staff to develop both a short and long-term goal plan and work to meet those goals by eliminating barriers to self-sufficiency.

Transportation Assistance Program

This program will allow Lifeline’s program participants assistance with transportation costs on a limited basis. Oftentimes, lack of affordable transportation prevents Lifeline’s customers from going to doctor appointments or school and these funds will help alleviate this issue. Approved participants may receive bus tokens or LakeTran bus passes, or fuel-only gas cards. Applicants must live in Lake County, be enrolled in a Lifeline, Inc. program and meet program income eligibility.

Office of Reentry

The Lake County Reentry Coalition office is located at Lifeline.  The Reentry Coordinator can assist those with a criminal background get connected with services that support their return to the community.  Each person has different needs when they return home and the Coordinator works with area agencies and programs that can support employment, housing or other goals.  The Reentry Coalition works in partnership with the Lake County Citizen Circle; a monthly group that assists with information and referrals that promote successful return to Lake County.

For more information on resources available, click here.

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

An asset-building and financial literacy education program that provides long term self-sufficiency planning for residents who have an earned income.  This opportunity provides a comprehensive financial literacy education to improve money management skills. Applicants must choose from one of the three approved asset goals: home purchase, microenterprise or an educational goal. Additional financial education will be required that is asset specific. The IDA Program requires participants to commit to a monthly savings goal and attend financial case management sessions with Program Coordinator. Applicants are enrolled between six and 18 months and upon program completion, a financial match is made to the applicants savings account that must be used toward one of the three asset goals.  Applicants must live in Lake County and meet program income eligibility. Applicants must also be referred by a collaborating agency in Lake County and complete an application packet. 

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HCRP: Rapid Re-Housing Program

This short term program offers brief housing and case management support for individuals and families who are homeless.  The goal of the program is to help those who are homeless quickly obtain and stabilize their housing.  Customers must currently be connected with Project Hope, Forbes House, or Extended Housing to receive a referral to this program.  Customers may receive  housing support for rent or other housing costs as well as a case manager to assist with referrals to link customers with other housing or related resources.  Customers must be Lake County residents and meet program income eligibility.

HOME Funds Rental Assistance Program

Through this program, Lifeline can assist customers in obtaining safe and affordable rental housing throughout Lake County. After an application process, including a quality and safety assessment of the property, customers can obtain funds needed for a security deposit and first month’s rent.

  • Tenant must be requesting assistance for the first time.
  • Provide prove of all household gross income for the last 90 days.
  • The rental unit must have a 12 month lease.
  • Inspection of vacant rental unit to be completed before tenant moves in.

Bike Safety Program

The goal of the Consumer Bike Program is to assist customers with obtaining an alternative form of transportation to increase independence. This program is designed for those who need a bicycle for daily activities not for leisure purposes. The use of a bicycle can assist customers with getting to work, medical appointments, and other necessary community activities. Lifeline has partnered with Laketran to educate customers on the benefits of using bicycles in conjunction with public transportation to expand customer travel opportunities. To receive a bicycle, customers must complete a safety class and register their bicycle with the appropriate municipality. Applicants must also be referred by a collaborating agency in Lake County. 

Nutrition Program

The goal of this program is to help our consumers eat healthier. This program will allow Lifeline’s program participants to attend up to three nutrition classes offered at Lifeline throughout the summer and fall as part of the Achieve Wellness Initiative in Lake County. A variety of topics will be offered on a rotating basis. After successfully completing a class, participants will receive a $10 voucher redeemable at the Painesville Farmer’s Market for fresh fruits and vegetables. Participants must register for all classes they plan to attend. Applicants must live in Lake County and meet program income eligibility.

Diabetes Assistance Program

Customers can receive diabetes supplies or a starter kit that includes a glucose meter, test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs and glucose tablets.  Syringes are also available if required.  Customers will receive proper instruction from the pharmacists on how to use and maintain the meter.  In addition, customers may be referred to the Lake Health Diabetes Care Center for diabetes education classes.

Prescription Assistance Program

Lifeline can help customers obtain necessary prescription medication once per year.  Customers can receive up to $200 worth of medicine with new or refill prescriptions.

Patient Assistance Program

Customers who require maintenance medication can be assisted through our Patient Assistance Program.  A case manager can review customer’s medications and research appropriate assistance programs offered through the pharmaceutical companies where patients may receive their medication for free or reduced cost. Most programs have income guidelines and assist uninsured patients only.

Employment Training Program

The goal of the Employment Training Program is to help those who are under and unemployed to assess what fields they are best suited to work in, learn new skills that will help make them more employable and then help with job seeking. This program will pay for non-credit classes toward a certificate/non-degreed program at a local vocational or educational institution.   Flexible funding is also available to help pay for related school supplies, books, uniforms and tools. As part of the program, all applicants will participate in a career assessment process at Auburn Career Center’s Career Services office prior to registering for a training program. They will also participate in a job retention workshop and in post-training program job placement counseling. Applicants must live in Lake County and meet program income eligibility. Applicants must also be referred by a collaborating agency in Lake County.

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