2019 Success Story: Rental Assistance Program

In October of 2019 Tammey contacted Lifeline asking for assistance with a security deposit for her new apartment. She was going through a difficult time and would be homeless if she did not receive help soon. Tammey was afraid, especially since the weather was getting colder as winter was approaching.

Tammey had a stable income and could afford the rent for her new apartment, but because of the situation she was going through she needed help with the security deposit. She was determined to complete the program as soon as possible in order to improve her living conditions.

When I met Tammey I could tell that she was motivated to make a better life for herself. She was organized and provided all of the documentation that was needed in a timely manner.

Tammey moved into her new apartment in the beginning of November 2019 right after it passed Lifeline’s safety inspection. She was so excited to make a fresh start.

“I was going to be homeless, so I called Lifeline and was given the best help I could possibly get. I love my new apartment. My grandchildren love visiting. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to be outside in the cold,” said Tammey.

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